How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman – 10 Things You Must Know | Sexuality

When it comes SEXUALLY SATISFYING women, most men are clueless. They simply don’t know what women want in the bedroom. And if you don’t know what women want, you can’t give it to them.Makes sense, right?In this article I’m going to share 10 SEX SECRETS with you about women and sex. Once you’ve read these sex secrets, you’ll be in a much better position to sexually satisfy your woman (or any woman for that matter).How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman – 10 Things You Must Know1. For Women, ‘It’ Starts A Long Time Before You Get To The BedroomWhat this means is that you must connect with your woman on an emotional level a long time before you try to take her to bed and have sex with her. That’s why taking your woman on a DATE is a great idea. The better the date, the closer she’ll feel to you and the stronger the urge she’ll have to have sex with you at the end of the night.2. You Have To Give In Order To Get BackSometimes you’ll have to really work to get your woman IN THE MOOD. A 30 minute massage often does the trick. And if you go out of your way to give her something nice (like a massage), I can guarantee that when things get SEXUAL, she’ll be much more willing to please you.3. Foreplay Is KingWomen usually like a lot of foreplay, but most average dudes rush it. Don’t make this mistake. Give her what she wants. Give her the foreplay.4. ’3′ Is The Magic NumberIf you want to give her exceptionally good foreplay, give her 3 orgasms. 1 clitoral and 2 vaginal. Do this before intercourse and she’ll be a very happy girl.5. Understand What Your Most Important ‘Tool’ Is In The BedroomNO, not your ‘little chap’. I’m talking about your voice. Every woman loves good DIRTY TALK and talking dirty to your woman has the power to drive her crazy. So do it.6. Multiple OrgasmsEvery woman wants multiple orgasms and if you follow point 4 on this list, you’ll be able to give your woman MULTIPLE ORGASMS. But ideally, she doesn’t want them all during foreplay.She wants some of them during…7. IntercourseHave you ever wondered why many women prefer foreplay to intercourse?The answer is because these women find it easier to come during foreplay.But here’s the thing…To give your woman truly SATISFYING SEX — you have to ‘get her off’ during intercourse. When you do, you’ll be giving her vaginal orgasms during intercourse.8. Give Her The Nasty Sex She DesiresMany men won’t accept reality. They won’t accept that women like really nasty sex. Such men are intimidated by the truth. However, if you want to give your woman GREAT SEX, you must embrace the truth and give her NAUGHTY, NASTY SEX. She might never ask for it, but she’ll go crazy when you give her it.9. Let Your Imagination Run WildThis way you’ll try new things in bed and never end up giving her BORING SEX. You know what women do when the sex gets boring, right? Yeah, they CHEAT.10. Give Her Other Types Of OrgasmWhen you start giving your woman other types of orgasm like SQUIRTING and anal orgasms — that’s when she’ll be JUST CRAZY about you. But to give your woman squirting and anal orgasms, you must first get the vaginal orgasms working.